Dry Eye Device


The Ophthalmic Resources DED System gives Eye Care Practitioners  a more effective and efficient way to manage DED patients in their practice.  By purchasing the OR DED System, which is pre-programmed with the Proprietary OSData™ and IPEDA™ programs, a doctor becomes an Affiliate ECP with Ophthalmic Resources.  

The OR DED System provides the Affiliate ECP an efficient and easy to follow protocol  to use in an OSD patient exam.  The patient data is stored electronically, Rx, in office and OTC treatments are recommended at each visit, and the treatments of each patient are confidentially aggregated with all other patients to continually refresh ongoing treatment plans with more comprehensive patient results.

OSData™ OSD Analyzer

OSData™ Complex Electronic Diagnostic Algorithm allows doctors to enter OSD symptoms and diagnostic test resultsand derives a treatment protocol (Rx, OTC, other). Generates an order drop shipped to patient’s door. Patient data is confidentially stored and aggregated to update treatment recommendations.

IPEDA™ New Diagnostic Device

Groundbreaking Diagnostic Device which can be used to conveniently begin a DED exam The test allows ECP to record full and partial blinks while the patient reads text. The results are then entered as datapoints within the OSData algorithm.


The IPEDA™ Blink Analyzer gives the ECP a good way to start the exam while gathering blink analysis information that feeds into the OSData™ DED Diagnostic Algorithm.

Switching to the OSData™ Screen the ECP electronically compiles the patient data, osmolarity, blink and other diagnostic results, according to a systematic exam blueprint laid out by the algorithm’s program.

In areas where the ECP would like verification that their grading of a condition is consistent with the algorithm design a small plus sign can be clicked and pictures will appear to illustrate their choice is correct.

When the exam is complete three areas of treatment could be recommended. OTC treatments, In office treatments, and Rx products if necessary. To make it easy on the ECP and so that inventory is more easy to control the OTC items will be direct shipped to the patient on behalf of the Affiliate ECP. The patient data is stored and populates into the OSData™ program when the patient comes for the follow up visit.

DED Product in Use

For Your Practice

  • Each of your DED patients data is confidentially integrated into the algorithm results so that treatment learnings can be updated and shared in a dynamic and continual process.
  • Your patients’ OTC needs are sent directly to their home alleviating the expense and concerns of extra office inventory management.

For Your Patients

  • Constantly evolving, highest standard of care is given to DED patients with each visit.
  • Direct ship insures optimal compliance with the products and care instructions the ECP believes to be the best.
  • The patient portal will provide convenient and cost effective product reorders with educational and usage instructions in one easy location.