The IPEDA™ Blink Analyzer gives the ECP a good way to start the exam while gathering blink analysis information that feeds into the OSData™ DED Diagnostic Algorithm.
Switching to the OSData Screen the ECP electronically complies the patient data, osmolarity, blink and other diagnostic results, according to a systematic exam blueprint laid out by the algorithm’s program.
In areas where the ECP would like verification that their grading of a condition is consistent with the algorithm design a small plus sign can be clicked and pictures will appear to illustrate their choice is correct.
When the exam is complete three areas of treatment could be recommended. OTC treatments, In office treatments, and Rx products if necessary. To make it easy on the ECP and so that inventory is more easy to control the OTC items will be direct shipped to the patient on behalf of the Affiliate ECP. The patient data is stored and populates into the OSData program when the patient comes for the follow up visit.

The Ophthalmic Resources DED System, provides systematic electronic diagnostic tests and customized treatment algorithms developed by two of the eye care industry’s leading Dry Eye specialists.  Doctors Doug Devries and Paul Karpecki developed this system using their combined 40+ years of caring for patients in practices specializing in Ocular Surface Disease. Results from over 3,000 of their patients provided the care recommendations that serve as the treatment baseline of the OSData™ algorithm.

By using the Ophthalmic Resources DED System, your patient’s treatment will be guided by the OSData™ electronic algorithm coupled with your with your clinical observations and in office test results. At the end of your exam the electronic data gathered will offer you recommendations on the OTC items, Rx needs and in office treatments that would benefit your patient.  The patient’s data is stored, and available for recall at the next visit.  The OTC items that are selected for your patient will be conveniently sent directly to their home, thereby increasing your confidence in their ultimate compliance.

As more and more patients are seen, the Ophthalmic Resources algorithm will represent the first real time aggregation of data from all users, resulting in the ultimate development of artificial intelligence mediation in the ongoing management of DED patients.